Vape Store Locations

Our vapor store Locations in Roseburg and Sutherlin, Oregon offer a unique mix of Vapes, Craft Beer, and Great Food. You can sample from over 150 Made in Oregon E-Liquids at our Flavor Bar, and choose from a wide variety of hardware and accessories. Customers can also enjoy one of 23 Oregon Craft Beers with a Growler Fill Station, and even enjoy a delicious mega sized Angus Burger. There is plenty of seating, large flat screen TV’s, and always a great social experience to be had at Vapor Krave


Roseburg, Oregon Retail Store:

Located in One Champion Plaze (Next to AT&T)

250 SE Garden Valley Blvd

Suite 3

Roseburg, Oregon 97470


Monday – Saturday 9am – 8pm Pacific Time

Sunday - 10am - 7pm Pacific Time

Sutherlin, Oregon Retail Store:

Located in the Westwood Plaza (Next to Goodwill and Dutch Bros)

145 Myrtle Street

Suite 107

Sutherlin, OR 97479


Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm Pacific Time

Sunday - Closed